Michele Woods

Mrs. Woods

Subject or Grade: ELA 4th Grade



Hi all! There is a story inside of all of us and it is my joy to help young writers learn how to get their stories onto paper. We do use cursive handwriting because I firmly believe that while keyboarding may exercise the fingers, handwriting exercises the brain. We use AR as a monitoring and motivating tool to keep all our readers challenged. Celebrating published writing and achieved AR goals are just part of what makes 4th grade so special. I truly hope this is your child's best year yet!

About Me

I started teaching in 1995 and still love what I do! I grew up in Alabama and have taught there, Mississippi, New Jersey and now in beautiful Arizona! Even though I have waited a really long time to return to graduate school, I decided last year that there is no such thing as a good time, only now. So, I'm a student again too! The quest for what works for students to receive the best education possible never ends. It is an exciting time to be an educator with challenges everyday. After all these years, I still love teaching and learning. I hope to spark, inspire and equip your child to be a lifelong reader and writer.