Bell Schedule

Regular Time K-6
8:53 AM - 3:40 PM
1 Hour Early Release 2:40 PM Wednesdays K-6
8:53 AM - 2:40 PM  

Preschool Regular Time
AM Class 8:53 AM -11:23 AM
PM Class 12:10 PM -2:40 PM
Preschool Every Wednesday
AM Class 8:55 AM -10:55 AM
PM Class 11:35 AM -1:35 PM
Please Note:  No Preschool on Half Day Early Release days 

Full Day Students
8:53 AM - 12:40 PM
Grade Level 3:40 Release

Kindergarten 11:30-12:10 Eat first
1st grade 11:15-11:55 Play first
2nd grade 11:20-12:00 Play first
3rd grade 11:30-12:10 Play first
4th grade 11:35-12:15 Play first
5th grade 12:05-12:45 Eat first
6th grade 12:10-12:50 Eat first

Grade Level 2:40 Release

Kindergarten 11:05-11:40 Eat first
1st grade 11:00-11:35 Play first
2nd grade 11:05-11:40 Play first
3rd grade 11:10-11:45 Play first
4th grade 11:15-11:50 Play first
5th grade 11:45-12:20 Eat first
6th grade 11:50-12:25 Eat first

Grade Level 12:40 Release Everyone Eats First
Kindergarten 11:10-11:40 Eat First
1st grade 11:15-11:45 Eat First
2nd grade 11:25-11:55 Eat First
3rd grade 11:05-11:35 Eat First
4th grade 11:30-12:00 Eat First
5th grade 11:35-12:05 Eat First
6th grade 11:45-12:15 Eat First

Grade Level Rain/Heat Day Location

3:40 Release

Kindergarten 11:25-11:55 Eat first
1st grade 11:20-11:50 Project Rm first
2nd grade 11:25-111:55 Project Rm first
3rd grade 11:35-12:05 Project Rm first
4th grade 11:40-12:10 Project Rm first
5th grade 12:10-12:40 Eat First
6th grade 12:15-12:45 Eat First

Grade Level Rain/Heat Day Eat/Play

2:40 Release

Kindergarten 11:00-11:30 Eat first
1st grade 11:00-11:30 Project Rm first
2nd grade 11:05-11:35 Project Rm first
3rd grade 11:10-11:40 Project Rm first
4th grade 11:15-11:45 Project Rm first
5th grade 11:45-12:15 Eat first
6th grade 11:50-12:20 Eat first


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